Department of CSE

Department of CSE Achievements

-- The Team "The Terrifying Nightmares" consist of Saurav Gajbhiye (Team Leader), Purva Goydani, Vedant Gannarpwar, Harshal Khandait, Pranav Rabade and Kaushik Yelne form CSE & ECE won 1st Prize at Smart India Hackathon-2019, Agriculture Hardware Edition and prize money of Rs. 1 Lakh.

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-- 100% Internship Offers (Paid/unpaid) for first batch of B. Tech. CSE in 2019.

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-- Mr. Ankit Barai from 4th Semester B. Tech. CSE is the recipient of Summer Research Fellowship 2019 by Indian Academy of Sciences at Indian institute of Science, Bengaluru under Dr. Yogesh Simmhan. The duration of internship is 56 days with stipend of Rupees 12,500.00 per month.