Research At IIITN

Research Domain Analytical Modelling

Analytical Modelling:  The group has already devised analytical models for vibration analysis of cracked plates both isotropic and orthotropic which asses the effect of crack on stiffness and amplitude. It is currently being extended to magneto-electro-elastic plates which are generally employed in sensors. Also the modeling of such plate when submerged in fluid medium is one of the areas of current work. The effect of thermal environment on dynamics of cracked beams/plates is being currently studied.

Machine Learning: Dynamics play an important role in design of mechanical/Civil/electrical structures. Presence of deformities affect their stiffness affecting their intended working. With the advancement of machine learning it is now feasible to predict structural stability. The group is working on applying Machine learning models to plate/beam structures with singularities like crack/hole to predict vibration characteristics.

Nano Science: This group is working on the modeling of nano-plates with singularities and its effect on dynamics of structures. One such area is to asses the feasibility of replacing plates with nano-plates for aerospace applications in the presence of cracks. Similarly the thermal buckling of nano beams/plates is what this group is focusing on recently.

Faculty Associated with the research group:


Dr. Prasad V. Joshi

Dr. Jitendra V. Tembhurne