Research At IIITN

Research Domain IOT

Recent advances in mathematics and numerical modeling of Internet of Things have created new topics of interest including the following: (1) mathematical and numerical modeling of smart city including smartphone real-world and mobile networks, (2) optimization methods, mathematics modeling for smart Grid with Cloud computing, (3) numerical analysis for security and emergencies in IoT, (4) methods for improving efficiency or accuracy of M2M applications and vehicle autodiagnosis, (5) adaptive and dynamic algorithms for home automation and e-health applications, (6) computational models of communication mechanisms for mobile networks in IoT, and (7) advanced modeling for IoT applications as mobile/vehicle ad hoc networks and mobile sensor networks in CPS (cyber physical system).

Application area of research group:

  • Exponential stability of the complex dynamical network described by differentially nonlinear equations which couple with time delay and stochastic impulses.
  • An efficient and secure mobile-IPS (m-IPS) for businesses utilizing mobile devices in mobile environments for human-centric computing.
  • Watch-type device (smart watch) that patients wear and a server system. The smart watch developed includes a GPS, accelerometer, and illumination sensor and can obtain real-time health information by measuring the position of patients, quantity of exercise, and amount of sunlight.

Faculty Associated with the research group:




Dr. Tapan Kumar Jain

Dr. Vipin M. Kamble

Dr. Mukesh Kumar Giluka