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Nano SciTech Lab

Nano SciTech Lab was established in 2018 at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur by Dr. Aatish S. Daryapurkar to build up a strong research team to pursue high-quality innovative research. This lab works as a nodal point in India to bring academia, industry and public research organizations under one umbrella for research and development in nanotechnology. The lab simultaneously support research with the academia and develop products with the industry and also offers a wide range of capabilities designed to enhance the study and synthesis of nonmaterial.

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Experimenting on Electrospinning KIT

Experimenting on Electrospinning KIT

Experimentation Setup

Electric Balance KIT

Electrospinning KIT

Hydraullic Pellet Press KIT

Magnetic Stirrer and Hot Plate

Muffle Furnace KIT

PH Meter Set Up KIT

Ultrasonicator Bath KIT

Experimentation Setup