Summer Term 2019

Summer Term 2019

The institute has decided to offer summer term for the following courses;

1) Mathematics I (MAL 101)

2) Mathematics II (MAL 102)

3) Computer Programming (CSL 101)

4) Data Structures (CSL 102)

The registration for summer term is subjected to the following conditions;

1) A student who has got FF grade in a course in Re-end semester examination (Re-Exam May 2019) is eligible to register for the summer term in that course.

2) A student can register for maximum three courses in summer term.

3) A course (any of the four courses mentioned above) will be offered in the summer term only if at least five (05) students register for the course.

4) The summer term will be a full semester cramped between 3rd June to 10th July 2019.

5) A student registered for summer term has to Attend 100 % of classes and Lab hours.

6) A registration fee of Rs. 9000 per course is required to be paid by the students.

7) The slot for fee payment and registration for summer term is 24th May to 31st  May 2019.

8) The classes will commence from 3rd June 2019.

9) The institute reserves the right to withdraw a particular course or permit an additional course in summer term.

10) The Registration From for SummerTerm 2019.