Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur



  • Varad Pimpalkhute, Prajwal Nakhate and  Dr. Tausif Diwan secured 3rd position in Social Media Mining for Health Applications Workshop - 2021(SMM4H) under the banner of North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL). June 2021

  • IIIT Nagpur students Hardik Jain from ECE and Shrishti Shah from CSE developed Apps to fight against COVID-19

  • Mr. Sourav Singh ( BT19ECE043 ) from ECE Selected for Google Summer of Code as a  Student Developer, will work on OSGeo - Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

  • Mr. Vivek Sharma final year ECE student published a paper - "LARNet: Real-Time Detection of Facial Micro Expression Using Lossless Attention Residual Network", Sensors, DOI:10.3390/s21041098


  • The First Online FDP of ATAL was organized by Dr. Tapan Kumar Jain, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE from 6th to 10th April 2020. The title of FDP was "Internet of Things" – 2020
  • Students for 3rd Year ECE Shivani Dhok, Varad Pimpalkhute, Ambarish Chandurkar under the guidance of Dr. Ankit Bhurane, Dr. Manish Sharma and Dr. U Rajendra Acharcya published the paper titled "Automated phase classification in cyclic alternating patterns in sleep stages using Wigner–Ville Distribution based features", Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2020. DOI: SCI 
  • Mr. Sahil Kesharwani (BT18ECE032) a Second Year ECE student has developed an android app "COVID CARE" under the mentorship of Dr. Anuradha Singh and Dr. Kirti Dorshetwar - 2020  Click Here
  • SoDi App is developed by Mr. Kartik Kinge (BT16ECE003), a final year student of IIIT Nagpur. SoDi is an Augmented Reality application to help people visualize proper social distancing. It is advised to keep a distance of 6 feet with each other when you are in public places during coronavirus pandemic Click Here 
  • Kartik W. Kinge (Final Year ECE) participated in MIT Reality Hack 2020 held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA - 2020 Click Here 
  • Students for 4th Year ECE Kritika Dhawale under the guidance of Chitra Dhawale published the paper titled "Current Trends in Deep Learning Frameworks With Opportunities and Future Prospectus", Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing, IGI Global, pp. 63-77, 2020.


  • Patent publication by Dr. Mayur Rajaram Parate, Dr. Ankit Ashokrao Bhurane, and Dr. Ashwin G. Kothari (Application No.201921044662 A INDIA, Publication Date: 29/11/2019), Title of the invention : VIRTUAL SIGNATURE SYSTEM – 2019
  • Dr. Rashmi Pandhare Assistant Professor, Department of ECE received a grant from SERB India for the research project "Design and Development of High Gain Reconfigurable Wideband Printed Antennas" – 2019
  • Students for 3rd Year ECE Shivani Dhok under the guidance of Dr. Ankit Bhurane, Head and Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE published the paper titled "Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease from EEG signals using Linear and Self-Similarity features", Experts System (Special Issue paper), November 2019. .DOI:, Authors: Ankit Bhurane, Shivani Dhok, Manish Sharma, Rajamanickam Yuvaraj,  Murugappan Murugappan,  U. Rajendra Acharya.
  • Students for 4th Year ECE Kritika Dhawale under the guidance of Rakesh Kumar, Manish Sharma and Gaurav Singal from Bennett University, Greater Noida, India published the paper titled "Deep Learning Frameworks: Current Trends, Opportunities, and Future Prospects", in I2CN-2019, 2019 IEEE 9th  International Conference on Advanced Computing (IACC) – 2019
  • Kartik W. Kinge (Final Year ECE) pursuing an internship at Fujitsu Ltd, Japan – 2019
  •  Sahil S. Deshmukh (Final Year ECE) pursuing an internship at Ecole Centrale Supelec, Paris - 2019 -- 100% Internship Offers for the first batch of B. Tech. CSE – 2019
  • Shivani Dhok, A. G. Kothari and Ankit Bhurane published a research paper on “Automated Hyperspectral Image Classification using Spatial-Spectral features” at the 6th Intl Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks – 2019


  • AR Vidhya – A startup founded by ECE student Mr. Kartik Kinge is based on Augmented Reality and E-Learning – 2018
  • Team ARVidhya: Mr. Kartik Kinge (ECE) and  Mr. AdityaSher(CSE) bagged 1st Prize in International IEEE SS12 Maker Fair 2018.
  • Team ARVidhya: Mr. Kartik Kinge (ECE) and  Mr. AdityaSher(CSE) won the Techstars Start-up weekend Hackathon held at Microsoft  Hyderabad campus powered by Google for Entrepreneurs – 2018
  • Aman Soni, Sahil Deshmukh, and Somesh Kumar, “A Shortest Path Algorithm for 3D Integrated Circuit TSV Assignment”, IEEE international conference
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