Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur

Doctoral Programme Features

Course Work:

All the registered Ph.D students need to complete the  requirement of coursework of 6 credits by M.Tech degree holders and 12 credits by B.Tech degree holders in either of the following modes.

1. Courses offered by the institute

2. Credits can be earned through successful completion of the online courses available on MOOC platforms like NPTEL/ MIT-OCW/Coursera/edX, etc. (The total minimum course hours for an online course should be 40.)

Assessment Mechanics for online/MOOC course:

1. Course accomplishment (25% weightage)

The candidate must successfully complete the registered online course as per the respective course evaluation criteria.

2. Institute-level assessment (75% weightage)

An additional 100 Marks institute level assessment will be conducted and evaluated by the supervisor/course instructor for each such online course registered bythe candidate.

3. Final Score

The final score of the online courses is evaluated on the basis of a combined weighted score secured in both online Assessment and Institute-level assessment as follows.

Final Score= 0.25 (Score obtained through online assessment) + 0.75 (Score obtained through Institute-level assessment)

4. Gradation

Following table can be used for the award of grades for all the online course.


Range of marks obtained in the evaluation

















Progress Seminars:

1. A scholar is required to give a progress seminar on his / her project work every six   months in   concerned   department.

2. A brief   write-up   outlining   the   work   previously done in the semester, the current status and the future plans also should be submitted to the RPC members.

3. A candidate is supposed to earn satisfactory remark from the RPC after presenting the progress seminar. On getting two consecutive unsatisfactory remarks; the candidate may be liable for registration cancellation if the explanation and undertaking submitted by him/her is not satisfactory.

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