Research Domain WSN

Research Domain Wireless Sensor Networks

In today's technology driven world, wireless communication and networking plays an important role in the last mile communication. The consistent evolution of wireless technologies has led to the proliferation of wireless devices such as smartphones, laptops, sensors, IoT devices, etc. In the current scenario, the main challenge to the wireless community is to meet the demands of the diverse users. Some of such demands are ubiquitous coverage, high data rate, seamless connectivity, better mobility support, one-time deployment, enhanced security, and energy efficiency. As a result, from long-range to short-range, all types of radio access technologies including various generations of cellular (e.g., 4G/5G), Wi-Fi (e.g., IEEE 802.11n/ac/ax), Bluetooth and ZigBee, have evolved themselves to support the heterogeneous user requirements. 

This group carries out the research in all prominent wireless networks including Wireless Sensor Networks, Delay Tolerant Networks, Wi-Fi Networks and 4G/5G Networks. Currently, following research issues are being addressed: 

  • Efficient radio resource allocation in 4G/5G networks.
  • Handling signaling congestion due to cellular IoT devices.
  • Modelling and analysis of Wi-Fi Networks in case of co-existence of IoT and non-IoT traffic.
  • Supporting delay intolerant IoT traffic in IEEE 802.11ah networks.
  • Leveraging downlink/uplink decoupling to facilitate device-to-device communication.
  • Supporting V2V communication in cellular networks. 
  • Energy efficient algorithms for various applications of wireless sensor networks (WSNs).
  • Routing in wireless sensor networks.
  • Efficient routing in adverse conditions i.e. where in the absence of end-to-end connectivity.
  • Cooperation among the nodes in wireless and/or delay tolerant networks. 
  • Handling security issues in delay tolerant networks.
  • Delay tolerant network support/solutions in IoT.

Faculty Associated with the research group:




Dr. Tapan Kumar Jain

Dr. Nishat Ansari

Dr. Mukesh Kumar Giluka

Dr. Milind Penurkar