Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur


Research Domain

Communication, Wireless Sensor Network, and IoT

  • Design and Development of different Smart Systems using Sensors and
  • Boards
  • Smart surveillance application development Development of Health
  • tracking devices using IoT and AI.
  • 5G Network
  • MIMO Systems
  • Industry 4.0
  • Data analytics

Microwave and Antennas

  • Reconfigurable antenna
  • Directive antenna, Planar antenna
  • High-gain antenna, Printed-circuit antenna
  • Microstrip antenna and arrays
  • High gain antenna
  • FSS resonator antenna

Signal, Image & Video Processing

  • Expression recognition
  • Biomedical signal processing:  detection and feature extraction
  • Computer Vision and Object Tracking
  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Signal processing for condition monitoring
  • Document Image Analysis

Process Control system

  • Control Systems
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Model Reference Adaptive Controller (MRAC)
  • Conventional PID Tuning
  • Artificial Intelligent (AI) based PID Tuning and hybrid combination of
  • AI and Conventional PID Controller

Intelligent Systems

  • Machine learning/data analysis
  • Development of Health tracking devices using IoT and AI.
  • Application AI to various problems in Image and Video Processing.
  • Biomedical systems
  • Smart surveillance
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