Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur

Network Theory Lab

Network theory laboratory is in III semester of ECE curriculum .This lab has both hardware and software based experiments. Students get familiar with different components, circuits and measuring instruments. Various experiments are performed to verify different circuit theorems, circuit characteristics, parameter identification and filter design. Some of the experiments performed in this lab are as follows:


  1. To verify mesh and nodal analysis for DC circuits
  2. Determination of polarity marking, coupling coefficient, self and mutual inductance of coupled circuits
  3. To determine average value, rms value, form factor and peak factor of sinusoidal and square waveform.
  4. To determine phasor relationship, real power (P), reactive power (Q), apparent power (S) and power factor (cos?) in AC circuits
  5. To verify mesh and nodal analysis for AC circuits
  6. Verification of network theorem for AC circuits (Superposistion, Thevenin, Norton, maximum power transfer)
  7. Study of DC transients in RL, RC and RLC circuits
  8. Determination of open circuit (Z) and short circuit (Y) parameters
  9. Determination of hybrid (H) and transmission (ABCD) parameters
  10. To study and design frequency response of high pass (HP) and low pass  (LP) filters
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